Cuisinart SmartPower SPB-600 Blender Review

11 Dec 2016 13:03

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Cuisinart are a recognized brand for many types of kitchen accessories. They take pride in making technologically advanced, yet affordable blending devices. The Cuisinart SPB-600 SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender is no exception.

In contrast to a lot lower quality blenders you’ll find out there, the 48 oz carafe is created from glass, and not the usual cheap plastic like other blenders. It’s completely shock resistant so there is zero stress about any breakages. The blade is ultra razor-sharp and will cut right through even the most toughest of blocks of icing very swiftly and with ease.

The blender works at both high and low speeds and possesses extra ‘ice crush’ and a ‘pulse’ settings.

What are the customers saying?

Customers think that the SmartPower blender is powerful and sturdy. They are saying it will blend even foods which were frozen rock solid:

“Simple but unbreakable”

“This is a wonderful blender”

“Sound Well Designed Cuisinart – Cheapest price for less than $100”

“Love it!”

Cuisinart SPB-600 Blender Features & Specifications

4 Speed motor with touch pad controls
2-minute auto-stop feature
Thermal, shock resistant glass jar (48-ounces)
Dimensions: 7.8 x 10 x 13.6 inches
The Cuisinart SmartPower SPB-600 is available in three very trendy colors, red and stainless steel.
The high-quality performing motor operates at a power of 600 watts.
Summary – Is the Cuisinart SPB-600 a good buy?

If you are serious about your cooking and need a blender that’s very nearly unbreakable try the Cuisinart SPB-600 SmartPower Deluxe Die Cast Blender. It’s great for smashing ice or making dips, bandages or smoothies.

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