Buying motorcycle helmets - factors to consider

11 Dec 2016 11:45

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When buying motorcycle helmets there are several factors to take into
consideration. Whether you are a new to riding a motorcycle or a seasoned vet,
the helmet that you select will directly affect your safety while riding.
Additionally, when selecting motorcycle helmets you must ensure that you will
have adequate visibility. When choosing motorcycle helmets there is more to
consider than simply choosing a helmet based upon its design or the fact that it
looks cool with your bike.

Many people debate whether or not wearing motorcycle helmets help prevent
accidents. The important fact to remember is that motorcycle helmets protect
your brain from enduing long standing injuries; therefore those benefits
outweigh any other preferences. It might feel great to ride without a helmet,
and you might feel that you are dealing with an annoying object that’s getting
in your way, but the truth is that motorcycle helmets save lives.

The most important factor to consider when choosing motorcycle helmets is that
they are certified by the Department of Transportation. Making sure that the
helmet is D.O.T. certified would make sure that the helmet you select will not
interfere with your motorcycle riding.

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets available to choose from.
Make certain that the helmet you select fits comfortably on your head and
provide easy visibility for viewing. The most important feature your motorcycle
helmet will need to have is the D.O. T. sticker on the inside of the helmet.
This is your assurance that if you were involved in a motorcycle accident your
helmet would be able to perform and will provide the level of protection needed.

After verifying that the helmet has the D.O.T. sticker, make certain that it
fits comfortably, yet snugly on your head. The helmet shouldn’t slide around
after you put it on. When wearing the helmet, it should remain tight, even if
you try to grab it from the back and push it forward off your head. Only when
the helmet remains, are you assured that it would stay on at the point of
impact. By choosing motorcycle helmets carefully, you can feel confident that
you are protected should anything happen when riding.

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