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10 Dec 2016 22:25

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Some people are unsure about using their hot tub during the winter, but what better way to enjoy your spa than to feel the heat of a nice relaxing soak n your hot tub during a cold, wintry and rainy day. At the end of a cold winter’s day, we all want a long hot soak in the bathtub to get rid of that frost bite feeling. Well enjoying your hot tub during the winter is exactly the same, but ten times better.

The first step is to set the controls on your hot tub. Check to see if your spa comes with a freeze protection system or an auto heat control. Consult your user manual on how to correctly set them and ensure you use them at the first sign of the temperature starting to drop at night as this will help protect your spa against freezing.

If your spa only has an infinite timer system, set this to come on every hour for at least 15 minutes to prevent the water and the pipes from freezing.

If however, your hot tub doesn’t come with any of the above features, it is recommended that you call an electrician to have a timer installed. This will stop you from having to run your spa on a low speed all day to prevent your hot tub from freezing up.

Maintaining the temperature in your spa costs less than letting the temperature in your hot tub get very cold then boosting the temperature back up just before use. It is recommended that you maintain water the temperature of your hot tub on a daily basis.

Running your air jets in the winter increase the amount of energy you use. If you will not be using the jets for your spa during the winter, ensure that you correctly turn them off.

Protect the cover of your hot tub by applying protectant to stop it becoming damaged from rain and cold weather.

Thermal Blankets can be used to help save energy as they reduce heat loss and moisture build up on the cover

Keep an eye on your water levels. If the water levels on your hot tub become too low, it can cause your pumps to shut down and your spa to freeze. You also need to ensure that you monitor the water temperature for your hot tub to ensure the heater is correctly working.

Get the seasonal time of your water change correct. Timing the change of your water in cold months is a lot more preferable than having to change the water in your hot tub whilst it is very cold outside. Remember that the water does not need changing all the time, in fact you can change the water in your spa every three months. If correctly timed, it will save you having to change the water in your hot tub during those really cold days.

The colder the temperature outside, the longer it will take to achieve the correct water temperature in your hot tub.

It is important that you read your user manual if you plan not to use your hot tub during the winter, as it should contain important information on winterising your hot tub and ensuring the safe storage of your hot tub during the winter without causing damage.

Winterising your spa consists of a number of different steps and this is just a brief guide, please refer to your user manual for full instructions.

Check the spa is working correctly, by pressing the test button
Shut off the heater and the power for the hot tub at the breaker panel. then via the mains and ensure to disconnect the plug from its terminal as well.
Flush the system and drain the spa
Purge the air blower of water
Remove & clean filters
Loosen fittings and allow water to drain
Blow the jets to remove any unwanted water
Clean the shell with water
Mop up any remaining water inside the hot tub
Clean the hot tub cover
Finally, secure the cabinet, check the wood to see if a new coat of finish needs to be applied and if desired cover the whole hot tub.

The purpose of winterising your hot tub is to ensure that you remove every last drop of water from the system to stop freeze damage from occurring.

Caution: Ensure that you follow the full winterising instructions supplied with your user manual as most spa damage in cold weather is due to improper draining and winterising of the hot tub causing freeze damage.

If you are still not comfortable with winterising your spa, contact a professional, but first check that they will guarantee their work against damage caused by freezing, if they don’t, choose someone else.

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