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10 Dec 2016 21:41

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We are a multi-pet household — so, lots of pet hair to pick up — that have been using Dyson vacuums exclusively for almost 15 years now. I tell anyone that asks that Dysons are pricey, but worth every penny, and as someone who vacuums daily to try to stay on top of the massive shedding of a Great Pyrenees mix, I know from whereof I speak when it comes to hardworking vacuums.

Years ago we got our first Dyson cordless, a DC44 Animal, hoping it would serve as “little brother” to our full-size Dyson, helping us perform quick, daily fur patrols without having to haul out the big vacuum.

Well, sorta. It was fine for small, dustbuster like tasks, or a quick clean-up, just around the dog bed or de-furring the sofa as company drove up. But it simply wasn’t up to even a one-room, quick clean-up as max power was the only setting that was actually strong enough to pick up dog hair, despite it’s “animal” designation, and, while far from useless, I ended up regretting the $300 purchase in a way I’ve never done before with a Dyson.

Two generations later, my hope was that Dyson had licked the cordless concerns and solved the problems of that early model. Unfortunately, this latest V6 seems to suffer from the same issues as earlier Dyson cordless models.

The good …

-“Max” setting gives substantial suction; strong enough to pick up loose pet hair off our hard floors or the sofa, which is not the easiest task.

-The included, wall-mountable charging cradle is well-designed and perfect for storing/charging the unit and its accessories, all in one neat, easy-to-access place. We’ve got an in-closet plug, so it’s always charged and ready to go, yet out of sight.

-This thing is lightweight, maneuverable and oh-so-easy to grab and go to wherever you need a quick clean-up. Great for stairs, small spots and even sweeping up a car or boat.

-I quickly got used to the pull trigger action and even my eight-year-old son can comfortably use it to vacuum small areas on his own.

-Quickly and easily adjustable for hand-held or floor cleaning, with the included long wand. And the motorized head works on both carpet and hard floors.

-The motorized head is one of the big areas of improvement from our old DC44. It’s significantly wider, and offers a dual purpose design with both brushes and rubber ridges, making it better designed for both carpeted AND hard floors. It’s also less prone to tangles than the old version, though it does still need to be cleaned regularly.

The bad …

-Suction at the default setting is so poor as to be near useless. In a test it won’t even pick up super light items like small pieces of tissue paper confetti consistently using that setting. Forget about pet hair or anything else other than the finest dust, and even the latter it doesn’t do very well. I tried it on a small flour spill — less than a 1/8 c sprinkled on the kitchen floor — and even going over the area 5-6 times there was still a light layer of flour on the floor. Max power solves all these problems, but drains the battery super quickly.

-Battery life at “Max” power lasts an anemic 4-6 minutes. Really. Yep, that’s it.

-Battery recharge takes MORE THAN 60 minutes. I tested using up a then-full charge and putting it back on the charging cradle for an hour and trying to use it again. It lasted less than a minute before once again flashing the “battery depleted” light. Yep, less than 60 SECONDS of use, following a 60 MINUTE charge. That’s slow.

-Unlike the full-size Dysons, the vast majority of the accessories on higher-end V6 cordless units aren’t available for after-market purchase. There is a “handheld tool kit” for sale on the Dyson website that features the mini soft-dusting brush, mini stiff bristle brush, mini wide nozzle tool and an extendable hose attachment, but if you want the “fluffy” hard surface head, direct drive head or the mini-pet hair tool, you MUST purchase either the Dyson V6 Absolute or Dyson V6 Animal which are $600 and $500, respectively. For that cost you can get a full-size Dyson Cinetic unit which is gonna be a LOT more useful, and a LOT more powerful.

-The motorized head is improved, as noted above, but still requires maintenance. After every couple weeks or months, depending on how often you use it, the head needs to be taken apart and cleaned, or it stops spinning. String gets tangled and the small opening between the head and curved neck of the unit (where it connects to the metal extension wand) seems to collect clogs like a magnet. Be prepared to have an unbent coat hanger — the “tool” Dyson customer service recommended — on hand to regularly fish out clogs of dust…

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