iReliev Pain Management System (TM)

10 Dec 2016 21:05

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The iRelieve Pain Management System(TM) is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) device, which is a safe, non-invasive method of pain management used by Physical Therapists and prescribed by Doctors. TENS units help treat chronic and severe pain. With iReliev(TM) you will receive the same TENS relief prescribed by doctors, but for a much lower price. TENS therapy stimulates your nerve fibers through low voltage pulses through the skin, which in turn blocks the pain message being sent to your brain. The TENS unit also increases your endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever.

Features of the iReliev Pain Management System:

Eight Pre-programmed Therapy Modes: Eight different levels are pre-programmed at different levels to treat your pain. The settings are customizable and deal with both sever pain and chronic pain.

Dual Channel Capability: You can use up to four different electrodes to cover a larger area for pain coverage, or even different body areas. Each channel can be controlled separately.

Indicator for Low Battery: When the battery voltage is low a symbol will appear alerting you. You will not have to question when batteries need changing. Batteries generally last up to 150 hours, but that does vary based on how many output channels are being used.

25 Power Levels: The intensity of the output can be adjusted from zero to 25 by hitting the on/ + button or off/ - button. The power levels are indicated by each respective channel, shown in the upper left of right of the LCD screen. The output intensity is unmatched in the industry, with a 80mA output.

Digital LCD Display: There is a clear display that shows the operating status on the LCD screen. The Channel 1 intensity is located on the upper left and the Channel 2 intensity is located in the upper right. The Program Mode is Lower Left, the Lock Feature is in the Upper Center Left, the Timer is Lower Right, and the Battery voltage Indicator is Upper Center Right.

Safety Feature, Lock Out: There is a built in safety feature to make sure you're unable to accidentally adjust the intensity or switch a setting. You can initiate the lock out feature by holding the on/ + Button at the same time as the off/ - Button. In the Upper Center of the LCD Screen you will see the pad lock icon show up.

iReleive Pain Management System Benefits:

Effective and Safe - Helps to block pain signals
Simple to Use - One handed digital control
Portable and Discreet - Use while doing every day activities
National Alternative - Reduce your need for pain pills
Dual Channel Capability - Four electrodes for wide pain coverage
Supported Clinically Both doctors and physical therapists recommend

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