Giordano Libero Road Bike Review

04 Dec 2016 20:26

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Giordano Libero Road Bike

Lightweight and fast, the Giordano Libero road bike for men is a white and red aluminum cycle with 16-speed drive train and durable 700 cm wheels that is priced far lower than similar cycles.

This bike is the perfect fit for the cyclist who has never ridden a road bike before but wants one that can keep pace with the fastest of cyclers. The Giordano Libero road bike certainly meets this requirement weighing in at only 24 pounds.

This eye-capturing white and red bike features rims, handlebars, and a seat post made of alloy with pedals made of plastic bodies and alloy cages. Riders like the 16-speed drive train and the two water bottle mounts featured on the bike.

Choose from a Small, Medium, or Large Frame

You can pick from three frames sizes for the Giordano bike as well. The twenty-inch frame is designed for riders that are from 5’1” to 5’8” tall, and gives them a standover clearance of 28 to 30 inches.

The 22-inch frame is made for riders from 5’8” tall up to 6 feet and has a standover clearance of 30 to 32 inches while the 25 inch frame accommodates very tall riders or those individuals who are 6’2” to 6’5” tall, with the standover height set at 33 to 35 inches.

Let’s Look at Features of the Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

16-speed Shimano STI drive train
Lightweight hand crafted 6061 aluminum frame
54cm Top Tube
Dual water bottle mounts
Giordano Libero Weight: 24 pounds

Giordano Libero Road Bike Reviews

Positive Comments

–A Good Value Especially for the Price

For anyone trying to live within a budget but who needs a good first road bike, the Giodano Libero road bike will fit the bill when it comes to economy, speed, durability, and good looks.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road BikeOne reviewer echoed these sentiments saying that he had the Giodano libero mens road bike for a couple weeks and was very pleased with his purchase.

He said that one of his friends, who is a veteran cyclist, was amazed at the Giordano bike’s quality, telling him that it was a good value especially for the price (around $400).

–A Five-star Recommendation

The reviewer said the Giordano Libero road bikecost him $300 less than what he would have paid for a similar-looking bike on display at a nearby bike shop.

He says he has already recommended the road bike to several friends and added that he would suggest the bike to anyone who is looking for a high-quality bike at reasonable price.

–No Real Complaints – Would Definitely Recommend the Bike

Another reviewer said that when he purchased his bike, it was, for the most part, assembled. All he needed to do was affix the handlebars and front wheel. He said the bike had a couple scratches on the lower part of the frame but added that they were not all that noticeable – at least they didn’t cause him to want to return the bike.

He said he liked shifting gears and using the brake handle for shifting. Having no real complaints with his purchase, he affirmed that he would definitely recommend the bike to anyone needing a reliable cycle.

One Negative Remark

–The Price is too High for an Entry Level Road Bike

While most reviewers had good things to say about the Giordano Libero road bike, one reviewer did not entirely share some of the above-mentioned sentiments. He said that while he thought the bike was great looking, he considered the price too high for an entry-level road bike. He said that he’d rate the braking and shifting as average overall.

In Summation: Most Reviewers thought the Bike was Affordably Priced

When you tally all the reviews, most of the purchasers of the Giordano libero road bike gave the bike a 4 or 5-star rating, with no score falling below 3 stars for the popular Italian-inspired cycle. Almost every reviewer thought the bike was a good value for the price they paid with only one reviewer feeling he paid too much.

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