Buying a TENS unit for pain relief

03 Jan 2016 07:49

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Many people want to buy a TENS unit machine don’t seem to know much about them. They just heard that they are great for relieving pain and they want to try them out. But there are many kinds and models of test machines out there and they are not all is good in relieving pain. This is why it’s important for you to learn about the machine and how it works to make a better choice. In this article, to cover the major features that you should look for in a TENS unit.

The structure of the unit

The way the unit is designed tell you a lot about its quality. Some Omron TENS unit machines seem to be roughly together without much attention to detail. The buttons for example are laid out in a way that makes them very likely to be adjusted accidentally. If this happens however, you could increase the power surge transmitted your body without realizing it. The consequence of such a thing can be really painful.

Some TENS unit machines have safety measures to prevent such things from happening. They are designed more thoughtfully and for safety.

The display screen test machines is another important component because it is information about what’s happening and so on. This is why you wanted to be large enough to make it easy for you to read the data and understand what’s happening. The controls should be properly designed and laid out and easy to use. Battery compartment should be easy accessible so that you can swap the batteries in your machine quickly and effortlessly.

Test machines can run on batteries all from the power outlet. Should find out if this is the case with the test machine that you intend to buy. If you have long sessions use, you may find it necessary to use an AC adapter instead of batteries.


Some manufacturers give you extra electrodes along with your TENS unit machine so that you can use them if you need to. You can also find packages that include replacement batteries or gel that you can apply to the areas before attaching the electrodes to them.

Read the reviews

If you are going to buy a TENS unit machine online, you will want to read any reviews that can find for it on the retail store that you are not to buy from. Amazon is one of the best places that you can shop online for test machines. It gives you access to all the feedback that previous customers have left for the product. It also gives you information about manufacturer and how reputable they are as well as their return rate.

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